Biolife Production Europe, as a knowledgebase company, is a European company based in Budapest with the aim of producing, supplying and distributing the best health and organic products. Having almost 20 years of experiences in health care field and being open to new ideas and market trends, caused that now Biolife is going to introduce new generation of personal and health care products firstly to Europe and then to all over the world with an eye to place itself among the top globally positioned companies.

Research & Development

Biolife Production Europe is in cooperation with Diba Tejarat`s Research and Development Center working on developing bio and health care products in demand, using the most effective up-to-date producing, preserving and transporting methods. Our R&D specialists are in direct contact with a number of prestigious universities all around the world, working around-the-clock on innovative articles and also in direct contact with Neutron health group which is carrying out many scientific and research activities since 2006.

Customer Care

Biolife Production Europe cares about people`s health and concerns to advise them Healthy Life Style methods. Also, as a customer-oriented company, Biolife believes in the fact that Customer Care is a crucial element of business success. Therefore, by the attention to customer needs, the company is able to provide extensive services to its customers. These services are divided into two categories: Pre-Sales services such as providing comprehensive descriptions and information of the products in additional to health care methods and After-Sales services such as being responsible for all probable questions and defects after the product is used by a customer.