Enriching Water Filters


Biolife Production Europe has succeeded in achieving new technology in the production of enriching water filters as one of its innovative products. Biolife Enriching Water Filters add high amounts of Hydrogen, Calcium and Magnesium ions to drinking water, so they make enriched, hydrogen and antioxidant water which will improve the brain function and the health of bones and teeth. It is also worth mentioning that scientific researches show consuming Hydrogen-rich water helps us to make our whole body healthier and stronger by the good changes and improvements that it creates inside the body. These filters operate fast, they are portable, easy to use and available in 3 types. See More Details

Organic Herbal Teas


Drinking Organic Herbal Teas was a traditional life style recommended by ancient Middle East great scientists, especially Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna). This method leads to health improvement by the usage of processed medicine plants or fruits. In this way, products has a lower amount of active ingredients and no amount of chemicals in compare to drugs; Consequently, people can use these products several times a day and do not suffer from high doses of herbs or harmful effects of chemicals as well as benefit from their positive effects on body`s health. See More Details